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Welcome to my Blog on Transition and Health

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I have been procrastinating long enough on starting my new blog. My first book is about to be launched and I need somewhere to house it. However, I have been grappling over what to write about because there are many things I want to talk about.

In the end, I decided that most of what I would like to share fits under the broad umbrella of “transition and health.” Having studied extensively about transition (for my book) and having experienced many, major life transitions, I have become quite an expert on this subject. Change is never easy to accept, whether it is a change of abode, job, health, or even a presidency. There is a process that needs to be worked through, and I will be showing healthy ways to do this. You can find these posts listed under various categories in the sidebar.

I hope my blog can become a dialogue on these important topics. However, please be aware that all comments are moderated and any vulgar or hateful speech will be removed. This is a respectful space.

Thank you, and I look forward to getting acquainted with you soon!

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