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About My Book

I'm a self-help author who has relocated 30 times and I know only too well how major change can affect our well-being. Through the years, I've gathered many tools that helped me and will share them with you.

​For those of you facing relocation for the first time or struggling through a difficult move, I've written a book called A Mindful Move: Feel at home again.  I hope it will help you through the emotional turmoil relocation can bring.

​My book is for anyone who's about to embark on, or struggling with, a difficult move. I use my personal experiences along with insightful interviews, expert research, and psychological and spiritual concepts to help you feel at home again.

A move involves unpacking more than your possessions—it’s about unpacking your life and having to reassemble yourself.

A Mindful Move will:

• Help you understand the psychological challenges of moving.
• Provide a well-defined process to guide you through your transition.
• Provide tools like mindfulness practices to embrace being here now.

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