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Binge-Watching TV Shows During Stressful, Uncertain Times

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I wondered why we ‘re  turning to this. Then I realized that these shows provide us a refuge or an escape from reality at times of crisis.

(Don’t worry; I’m not suggesting we  bury our heads in the sand because I’m still keeping informed about world news by reading about it).  

At times of uncertainty and change, it’s just comforting to have something certain and familiar in our daily lives, something we can count on as remaining the same. When we’re going through major change, it helps to have a  favorite routine to comfort and anchor us. Depending on what we binge – watch, it might take us back to simpler times.

I know watching hours and hours of TV is not the healthiest routine, but it’s a way for many of us to cope. What can make it less unhealthy is to take regular breaks to stretch or to do other forms of exercise.  We can also try to make it healthier by interspersing TV watching with having more real life experiences that put us in the present moment. It’s  very easy to lose ourselves in the world of a TV show!

My binge series right now is Frasier, What’s yours? What shows help you relax and what ways do you have of staying healthy while watching them? 

Kiran Prasad has moved 30 times and is the author of A Mindful Move: Feel at home again

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