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The Day My Book Was Published!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I reread the message from Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) about three times because it wouldn’t sink in. I felt like how my son used to when it was his birthday. He would say how he went to bed – years old and woke up – years old. I kept thinking how I had gone to bed as a writer with an upcoming book and woken up as a published author! I can’t describe enough the joy I felt and am still feeling!

I couldn’t wait to do a Google search for it. It felt surreal seeing it listed with other books. Unbelievable how it was available to the world! Both my husband and I were ecstatic when we saw it!  We couldn’t wait to tell everyone, especially our kids. My family has invested a lot of time into helping make this happen, so they were as excited as I was. I just had to make everyone promise not to mention it to anyone for at least a day because I had to get my marketing efforts into gear. Despite the fact I was sick to the stomach with flu, barely able to hold down food or water, I continued with my launch a little ahead of schedule!

Writing and publishing a book has been a lifelong dream of mine since I was a kid, writing angst – ridden poems. I dreamed of someday publishing them as a collection. Well, I didn’t end up writing a poetry book, but “A Mindful Move” includes a lot of my poems.

I only wish everyone can experience the joy of realizing a dream as I did that day.

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