About Me

My life has been a series of house moves: I was born in India, grew up in England and have relocated twenty-nine times, which was far from easy for me because I hate moving! Each time, though, I found a way to build a nest and feel happy again in a place I didn’t necessarily choose to be. There are times I felt I would never survive, so I know the heartache and loneliness that relocation can bring! It’s what led me to write my book A Mindful Move to teach others how to ease the pain.

I was born to teach and help people: That’s why I became a schoolteacher, working mostly with at-risk students. Later, after acquiring my Masters in teaching, I briefly taught at a university. Unfortunately, my frequent moves made it difficult to maintain a career, although sometimes I say moving has been my career!

Currently, I live in Portland and am trying to put down some roots in this rich Oregon soil. It’s been a great place for writing because it rains a lot! When I’m not writing, I love to curl up with a good book or movie, go hiking, travel, and most of all to spend quality time with my husband and adult children.